Frequently Asked Questions

7. Can I have printed books ?
No! Printed law books, ran into several editions, and were available for sale but are not so any longer. This is a digital world! Further, has provided for FREE download! This saves you money! Time to go digital! Right? And save money on law books a big bonus!

8. Why there are no questions and answers ?
You are right. No question and answer modal, -that is, no parrot feeding ! These ebooks are like mini-text books. They are to be read again and again. However writing points is important and use open page for this. Remember writing makes you exact—too sure.

9.Will the elawbooks really help me?
Can I pass my exam reading them? The proof of pudding is in eating. And so ask any senior who had read MSR books: you will get the most positive answer. Yes. Of course your efforts should be strong and effective.

10. Do you suggest any method of study to understand elawbooks.
Yes, each person has his own method. What is most useful and effective is: You select a title book from the list of elawbooks . Download it on one side of the paper [One side blank –call it open page]. Use this page to add amendments, case law or additional points. Moreover, you have a REFERENCE section at the end of MSR text. This gives the Act, illustrations Some case law if available etc. Use this to add to your open page. You need not go anywhere scouting for Acts. You should be careful in selecting, the material, as each Law titlet is voluminous! Writing your own notes and points helps.

11. Can I contact by email ?
Surely, you are welcome and we take all care to reply as early as possible.