Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does"MSRlawbooks" mean?
MSR stands for MSRama Rao, familiarly called MSR, the Author. "lawbooks" stands for e-law books written by the author MSRamaRao, with FREE download allowed from the website

2.To whom are these e-lawbooks useful?
To the students of law studying for LL.B or B.L, B G L etc in any Law college of any of the Universities in India, or Department of Legal studies of any University in India, to the students who have taken Law as one of the subjects for their exams College/ University in India, to the students taking Competitive exams with Law as one of the subjects, to the trainees in Govt. [Central or State] Departments who have Law as a subject , to the Govt officials [Central or State] who undergo in-service training with Law as one of the subjects, to the insurance employees with Insurance law and other Laws, to the examinees taking Banking Law and other law subjects for their Exams, to Generally all students who have one or more title-subjects in Law for their exams to all those Gove employees who want a knowledge of Law, and in general all those interested persons like story writers, T V script writers, writers and bloggers, social network participants who want to use Law or read and know Law.

3. How many elaw books are in this
There are 40 titles as of now , and many more will join this galaxy!

4. How are these titles selected?
Right! Law is an ocean. Taking the syllabi of a number of Universities, Gove Departments and other authorities, we have selected the core subjects common to them all.

5. How are the titles, arranged in
Law subjects are arranged in alphabetical order to help you to select and download.

6.what is the method followed?
Under each title for example, Constitution of India first you have the Text Part written by MSR in simple direct and understandable style. Leading cases and illustrations/examples are given with brief explanation. Then the Question Bank to test yourself. Of course, a brief introduction, syllabus/subject covered, contents and list of cases.